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Ian Millard and Wendy Davidson - Abraham and Sarah

Ian Cook - One Fat Bird Boys

Ian Cook and Heidi Cavaye - Big Game Fishing - Band

Ian Cook - Choir and Friends

Ruth Cook and James Dowle - Messines Rd Group

Wendy Davidson, Kathleen Andreae and Jenny Spiers - Crafty Conversations

John Wilson and Paul Tipping - Friday Morning

Kate HG and Matt Jones - Friday Night Small Group

Nicky M and Lucy Ross - Monday night

Adrian and Jo Harvey - Post Alpha (Wed night)

Kathleen Andreae - Prayer Team

Geoff Lee and Jane Fuller - Property and friends - Croyden St

Stephen Sharp and Maree Foster - Sunday Evening


JAM Parents

Crossfire Parents

Youth Boys 1

Youth Boys 2

Youth Boys 3

Youth Girls 1

Youth Girls 2



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